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Career Information

In both the academic and business worlds many are arguing that the 21st century will be the ‘century of the environment’. There’s a growing consensus that sustainability and environmentalism are growing mega-trends and that they will offer ‘Ahead-of-the-curve’ careers.

Graduates from the SDSU sustainability program will be well prepared to pursue these careers, particularly in the areas of public lands, parks, and natural resource management, environmental conservation and restoration, environmental education, and environmental planning. The major will also prepare students to go on to professional and graduate schools in environmental advocacy, energy, private consulting, law, natural resource management, social sciences, and the humanities. There will also be demand for sustainability majors in nonprofit organizations such as the Nature Conservancy, Audubon Society, Green Peace, and Sierra Club or for teachers in primary or secondary education or universities. Students may also create their own careers in such areas as organic farming, managing cooperatives, or social action.

Job Opportunities

San Diego and Orange County

For more information, please see the Guide to Making a Difference through Volunteering and Non-Profit Careers on the website or Turning Green Degrees into Sustainable Degrees.

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