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San Diego's Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) brought a gas-electric hybrid bus to celebrate GreenFest.

Students are encouraged to pursue an internship, which can be hosted by a wide variety of organizations that support work in sustainability. For guidelines detailing the expected learning outcomes and requirements see the major’s internship syllabus. You can receive up to 3 units for your internship. Three hours of credit require at least 9 hours per week of work on the internship for all 15 weeks of the semester or a total of 135 hours over a shorter period of time.

Below we list some organizations that support internships. It is the responsibility of the student to find the specific internship, though the undergraduate advisors will post openings each semester as they become available.

Don’t underestimate the time it takes to find and apply for the internship. Searching and securing an internship is an important part of the learning experience.

The internship enrollment process

To satisfy the internship requirement for the major you must complete 135 hours of time towards an internship. You also need to enroll in SUSTN 495 so that university can give you credit for the hours you devote towards the internship. 135 hours are equivalent to three credit hours. To satisfy the internship requirement for the sustainability major degree you must earn three credit hours.  

To enroll in the internship course you first must secure an internship and have your on-site internship supervisor sign this form. You then submit the form (scanned and sent through email is acceptable) to your sustainability undergraduate advisor (Dr. Carruthers or Dr. Lauer) for their approval. You must gain approval from both your onsite supervisor and the undergraduate advisor before you begin the internship and enroll in SUSTN 495. We also advise that you consult with your undergraduate advisor before committing to your internship.

Note that SUSTN 495 is not a class on campus. It is simply a way for SDSU to give you university credit for the hours you devote towards the internship. As the form indicates you need to include a description of the internship as well as a description of the assignment that you will produce at the end of the semester summarizing your internship work. If you for some reason do not complete the 135 internship hours you will receive an incomplete for SUSTN 495 until you complete the hours.

Download Internship Approval Form Here

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For more leads on internships in San Diego and Imperial Counties, please see our list of environmental companies. You can also visit for summer internship ideas.

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